Plus Size Dressing for a Indian Wedding

Indian Weddings are full of color, celebrations and amazing dresses, and the best part is that lots of Indian outfits are perfect for plus sizes! The silhouette and cut of a lot of the traditional outfits is such that it looks nice and flattering on bigger ladies. There are some tips to make sure you pick the ideal style that is going to fit and flattering at the same time.

The styles of clothing that can be worn by guests are very similar to those that are worn by the bride. The key differences include the potential color and detail of the dresses of the guests compared to those of the bride. Indian bridal wear includes styles such as Sarees, Lenghas and more recently Anarkali suits.

A Sari is a traditional choice for women of all sizes, and it's usually a good choice And the blouse can be made in such a way that the curves are accentuated in just the right way. It is important to remember that if you are quite large, then this might not be the best idea, as the end look might not be all that flattering.

An Anwarali or a fitted Salwar Suit is another option that can be quite interesting for plus sizes. This is a two-piece garment consisting of a long tunic that has often reached the knees and fitted pants. The long tunic can be attached to the bust or can be loose (depending on your preference). The cut of this ensemble is such that it can be easily adapted to large sizes.

Embroidery and Detailing

The temptation to opt for bling in a wedding is usually quite strong – but resist! Very loud and bright embroidery will draw attention to the whole outfit. Used in moderation, this can be a powerful weapon and used at the right places, it can really emphasize the right aspects. Large embroidered patterns are going to stand out, while delicate and small repetitive patterns (called "butti") will give the outfit an even and balanced look.

Gold, silver or other types of embroidery on the palate in a saree (the loose end that is often left over the shoulder) or on the hem of the long tunic in a salwar kameez is perfect because it draws The gaze to the parts that need to be emphasized.

Indian bridal wear is all about color and the fits of the guests are usually complementary to the bride's outfit . So go wild with color! The same rules for color apply to traditional Indian clothing as other styles – darker colors usually give a slimmer look than lighter colors.

The color to avoid though, as is usually reserved for the bride, is Red – a very traditional color that is considered auspicious and worn by A lot of brides.


The options offered by traditional Indian clothing for plus sizes are plenty, with lots of room for being an individual and expressing your personality. Choose with care and always select the designer that you like – most good designers are able to offer sizes for you on a customized basis. Discuss the options with your favorite retailer about the options available!


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